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SAM 49, MIB 31

2006.08.27 22:00

The SAMURAI lost many rebounds, but they win almost everything else, including the third place of the season. Despite only seven dressed players showed up in Smithfield Road Sports Centre, the M.I.B. grabbed a league high 17 offensive boards against SAMURAI. However, the men in black cannnot turn most of them into second chance points. Those rebounds were limited to only three M.I.B., Jefferson Tong has 7, Ben Cheung and Gilbert Fu added 5 apiece. In the previous matchup, SAMURAI grabbed 16 offensive rebounds against the same team with only 6 players and was without both big men Adrian Chou and Jefferson. In this third place game, Jefferson Tong had his second double-double with a game-high 15 points and 11 boards. Ben Cheung added 12 points and 5 rebounds. Gilbert Fu started for the second traight game and grabbed 7 rebounds but was scoreless. The M.I.B. set a league-high 53 field goal attempts but only 12 of them went into the basket. Guard Leo Chow missed all 10 shots, four from the three-point area. The SAMURAI made just more than half of their shots and was 10 for 12 at the line. Michael Chan has 13 points, 5 rebounds, 1 assist and 2 steals. Dennis Chang added nine points, six rebounds and one assist. Both were perfect at the line. The game was a little bit too hot in the first period when SAMURA centre Dennis Chang was hard fouled by M.I.B. forward Ben Cheung. Dennis Chang yelled at the forward and was retained by teammates before going to the line. Ben Cheung was called for an Unsportsmanship Foul and the SAMURAI centre made both of them. Ben Cheung and Jefferson Tong were the only scorers for M.I.B. in the first and second period respectively. SAMURAI lead 23:9 at half time. M.I.B., with the tendency of playing better in the second half, cut the lead to nine by a 5-0 run midway through the third period. But Eric Lenung answered by the consecutive three-point field goals and his team took a 33:17 lead into the final period. He also start the fourth period by a three-point shot. The SAMURAI captain is the only player with three-point field goals. He scored nine points on the three treys. All but one player from SAMURAI did not score. SAMURAI centre James Kwan added 3 points, 4 rebounds, 2 assists, 1 steal and 1 blocked shot. There was no foul by M.I.B. in the third period. Regardless of the score difference, M.I.B. still fought hard in the final period, having 16 field goal attempts and scored 14 points. The lead is however too much for them to overcome especially when the depleted M.I.B. has its most players played extended minutes. Their tiredness allowed 16 points by their opponent at the same time. Dennis Chang, fouled again by Ben Cheung, finished the game��s final points on a three-point play for the second time. The SAMURAI was one point shy to score 50. The team lead the league by an average 39.6 points in five games. James Kwan and Dennis Chang are the only players who started all five games for SAMURAI.

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