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SAM 31, GTE 14

2006.10.08 22:00

Due to injuries and schedule issues of many players, both teams dressed only seven players each but the SAMURAI 7 routed the G.T. Explorers 31:14 and handed them the second straight loss this season. SAMURAI new face Patrick added energy to the depleted team and controlled the first quarter of his team, scored all the team��s seven points. Explorers Eddie Sze and Edwin Choi made four free throws and the team lead 6:4 before Patrick Lai��s three pointer to take the lead back at 7:6, but the G.T. Explorers centre Kelvin Lui made a also a three point shot as the team lead 9:7 entering the second period. Early in the second period, Eddie Sze and Kwan Yu Ho fought for control of the ball and as Eddie Sze was called for a foul, both hit the floor. Eddie Sze has got his nose hurt and sidelined for the rest of the first half. Kwan Yu Ho did not look injured in any sense. The game looked like a completely different one since then. The G.T. Explorers has no field goals made and scored only one free-throw point by Edwin Choi. Eric Leung hit a three point shot to end the first half as the SAMURAI took a 16:10 lead. The G.T.Explorers never come back or gain back any tempo or rythmn the rest of the game. Explorers guard Martin Khan made the only basket for his team in the third period and the team was outscored 2:8. The lead by SAMURAI was extened to 24:12 entering the final period. The Explorers tried to stop the SAMURAI but it was not a good idea to send them to the line either. Patrick Lai made all six free throws and Kwan Ho Yu added another one. SAMURAI scored all points in the final period at the line. Explorer Frankie Chan was scoreless before fouled out but he added a team-high 8 rebounds. Patrick Lai outscored the opponent by himself, scored 17 point, lead all players in the night, added 4 rebounds, one assist and four steals. His teammate and brother Jackie Lai added four points, eight rebounds, one assist, three steals and 2 blocked shots. SAMURAI centre Dennis Chang miss the second straight game for another competition. New teammate Chi On Lau was injured before they could play together and will miss some time. G.T. Explorers had a busy week that scorers Bryant Chan, Michael Killeen and Eddie Ng were all not available for the game. G.T. Explorers handed the SAMURAI their only loss in Smithfield Road Sports Centre before but lost both match-ups at Sheung Wan Sports Centre.