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MIB 34, GTE 18

2006.12.03 22:20

As the Tigers lost, M.I.B. won again and had extended their winning streak to three as the Yin-Yang still continues.

The G.T. Explorers tried hard to fight. Without an official record, they might have lead for the first time in four games this season when Eddie Ng hit a trey for 3-0 to start the game. Teammate Angus Chan added two foul shots but Jefferson Tong scored four points, mixed by a basket from Stanely Ma, as the M.I.B. lead 6:5 in the first period.

After the first trey, Eddie Ng missed all the four attempts in the first period and teammate scorer Bryant Chan missed four three-point shots too. While the Explorers shoot 1-7 from the field and had only two points from Angus Chan, M.I.B. shot at 6-11 and outscored the opponent 13-2 to finish the first half.

Missed his first seven shots, Bryant Chan made two baskets including one three-pointer in the third period. Larry Chang swished a long jumper as the G.T. Explorers scored more points (7) than the opponent did (5) in a single period since the had a 7-4 second period in a 19:43 loss to Trojans.

The M.I.B. still entered the final period with a 10-point cushion. They outscored the Explorers 10-4 in the final period, took the victory and advance to the Semi-Final.

Explorers’ forward Angus Chan lead his team with 6 points, 7 rebounds and one blocked shot. He hit all four foul shots but committed five turnovers. Bryant Chan and Eddie Ng added 5 apiece, both shot 2-11 on the floor. M.I.B. centre Colman Li, a new father for two days after his second child and first daughter was born two days ago, started the game and scored his first two points in the league for his team in the third period. G.T.

Explorers’ guard Eddie Sze did not attend the game and left Martin Khan the only player to play all six games in this season for the team.