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HFC 58, MIB 26

2006.12.17 23:10

While lost by only 5 points in the previous match up and looking like the most improved team this season, M.I.B. was simply out-played by the new team H.F.C. behind 23 points from the league’s scoring leader Tabo Chak.

Tabo Chak scored 9 points in just the first period on a perfect 4-4 shooting from the field when the team shot 7-11. After a 12-2 run, M.I.B. guard Leo Chow hit a three-point shot to cut the lead to 7 points but they didn’t score again. H.F.C. took a 10-point lead to the second period.

The situation became worse for the men in black as the opponent shot 8-12 from the field. Tabo Chak and Colin Wong each added 6 points for H.FC. Adrian Chou is the only M.I.B. to score and he added six points in the period. H.F.C. made only three field goals in the 3rd period, but they still had 13 points by hitting six foul shots, four by, again, Tabo Chak.

Leo Chow scored three at the line and was the only player sent to the line other than Ben Cheng, who missed all six attempts for the night. Ben Cheng had 8 points off the bench and added 7 boards, all from the offensive end. Centre Adrian Chou lead his team with ten points, three rebounds and two steals. The three players combined for an average 21.7 of the 31.6 points by the team this season.

After a 12-point performance, Jefferson Tong was scoreless with one steal and block apiece. He also had three rebounds and 3 turnovers.

In the final period, H.F.C. forward Nikko Kwok was flared up when M.I.B. guard Samson Tong was called for an unsportsmanship foul. Nikko Kwok added 8 points and four rebounds. Teammate Colin Wong had 15 points, two rebounds, three steals and four assists. Tabo Chak and Colin Wong joined the list of players with 4 or more assists in one game. Teammate Marco Tse had four twice, Tigers guards Benny Wong and Ken Leung had five, Trojans guard Patrick also had a career high four assists.

M.I.B. had exactly an one-point increment in each of the four periods. They had only two assists for the night, compared to 14 assists allowed. H.F.C. scored in double digits in all four periods for the second time. The 58 points is the second highest score in league history.

The mysterious Yin-Yang pattern for M.I.B. and SOUTHORN Tigers continued. The two teams had never won, or lost, on the same day in the past twelve events.