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SAM 21, TRO 27

2006.12.18 01:00

The first seeded SAMURAI did not start the game well, and they did not close it well enough, too. By six free throws from Patrick Tse, a key steal plus a key offensive rebound by Vincent Siu, Trojans outlasted SAMURAI in the Semi-Final and took a 27:21 victory.

In a defensive-minded game, the Trojans spent almost the entire first period to complete a 7-0 run. SAMURAI guard Kwan Ho Yu came off the bench and made a running basket almost at the end of the period.

The five-point lead evaporated easily. Dennis Chang, hit a free throw, followed by one basket from deep to cut the lead to 6-7. Teammate Dennis Chan and William Wong combined for three points but Trojans forward Man Wan hit a jumper to tie it at nine. Calvin Au stole the ball from opponent and drive to the hoops on the fast-break to take back the lead as SAMURAI outscored Trojans 9-2 in the second period. Trojans had only four attempts from the floor and made only one. Patrick Tse missed both free throws and committed four turnovers. Jackie Lai had two steals, Calvin Au and Dennis Chan had one each in the same period.

The game became close and SAMURAI took a two-point lead entering the second half.

Trojans centre Will Kam made a basket to tie the game again at 11-11. The teams exchanged free throws and the game was tied at 12 and then 13. After Jackie Lai hit the third foul shot, Patrick scored two points to take the lead but SAMURAI guard William Wong answered by a base-line jumper off a pass from Kwan Ho Yu and SAMURAI still lead by one entering the final period.

Making only 3 for 22 at the line this season, Kwan Ho Yu made both to start scoring in the final period, giving his team a three-point advantage.

Trojans Vincent Siu hit his second basket and teammate Michael Lau splited the two free throws to tie the game again at 18-18. Missed both at the charity strip in the first half, Patrick Tse hit one of two to give his team the lead again and extended it to three points by making two more. After the next three points from Michael Lau, Patrick Tse hit another three more foul shots before the game end.

Eric Leung hit his 12th three-point shot, the only one in this game with less than half a minute left in the game. Tigers guard Benny Wong finished the season with eleven treys and ranked 2nd in seven games. Leo Chow had 10 and ranked third. Eric Leung and Leo Chow have one final game when they play for the third place.

Trojans scoring leader Jerry Lee went to Thai and did not attend the game.

All SAMURAI reserves made one field goal each. Jackie Lai and Dennis Chang were the only two players on the starting lineup to score. Michael Lau and Vincent Siu were the only two players in the game to have more than one field goal. They both had two.