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SAM 36, MIB 23

2007.01.07 22:00

SAMURAI faced another one-point deflicit against the M.I.B., fortunately, for only one half.

In the first half, both teams started very slowly. SAMURAI shot 5-23 from the field, while M.I.B. was 5-24. The two teams combined for a league record of lowest point scored in one period. They have three points as M.I.B. lead 2-1 entering the second period.

SAMURAI centre Dennis Chang hit one free throw and he and the rest of the team missed all 13 shots from the field. M.I.B. forward-centre Adrian Chou hit the lone basket in the first period, but M.I.B. missed also 13 shots. Ben Cheng scored five of his seven points off the bench in the second period. Teammate Jefferson Tong had two, while Adrian Chou had four. But the SAMURAI stayed close by the Lai’s brothers, who combined for all the second period points for the team. Jackie Lai hit the only attempt in the period and Patrick Lai, Jackie“s brother, was perfect from the field and concluded a three-point play to score 9 points as the game enter the break with only one point difference.

Despite making only 2 of the 14 attempts at the line, SAMURAI began to back in shape in the third period. Patrick Lai made 2 of the four free throws and scored 4 points in the period. He had a game high 17 points which tied his personal record. Dennis Chang and William Wong were both perfect from the field and combined for 11 points. William Wong had a career high 8 points and 8 rebounds.

Ben Cheng had eight boards and seven points off the bench, his third straight with 5 or more rebounds and seven or more points. Adrian Chou and Jefferson Tong both had a game high 9 rebounds but they combined for only 6-27 field goals. Adrian Chou had 8 points while Jefferson Tong had four and committed five turnovers. Leo Chow, who lost in the final round of the Three-Point Shootout, scored only one point. The M.I.B. guard added 2 rebound, 2 steals and one assist.

After missing the first six shots in the game, Eric Leung a three-pointer in the final period. It is also his 20th career trey and tied the league record for most three-point made.

SAMURAI centre James Kwan had three blocks and became the third player to have three blocked shots or more. G.T. Explorers guard Bryant Chan recorded a career high three blocks against SAMURAI on Aug 13 when the Explorers defeated SAMURAI in the Semi-Final in Season One. Michael Lau had twice with two and had a league record of four against the Explorers on Oct 22.

All but two M.I.B. players, Adrian Chou and Jefferson Tong had at least one foul.