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HFC 35, TRO 38

2007.01.07 22:10

They played a high scoring game before the playoff, but, as expected, they didn’t re-do it in the playoff. H.F.C. beat Trojans 54-42 on Nov 19 but they lost 35-28 in the Final of the league’s Season II.

The game was close since the beginning. H.F.C. shot only 2-8 from the field but was able to lead 5-4 at the end of the first period, when Trojans had made only one of the two field goal attemtps.
Jerry Lee, the scoring leader of Trojans, missed his first 5 shots of the game but connected two straight and scored 5 of his 11 points in the second period.

H.F.C. top scorer Tabo Chak cooled off completely in the second period as he missed all five shots. He had only three points in the first half.

But he has help from teammates. Colin Wong scored 4 points, Marco Tse hit one trey and Nikko Kwok made one free throw. H.F.C. was only down by three point at the halftime break.
H.F.C. made only 3 of the 8 free throws in the period and was 6-15 for the evening.

Tabo Chak made shots again after the break and scored four points in the third period as the team outscored Trojans 7-6 to cut the lead to two entering the final period.

Tabo Chak made a three point shot to start the 4th period and take back the lead at 23-22. Jerry Lee’s basket changed the lead again but Tabo Chak took it back by another.

Under tight defense, H.F.C. were not allowed to make a basket in the following few minutes’ span. On the other hand, Jerry Lee, Edward Wong and Michael Lau alternatively scored on fast breaks and jump shots as they combined for a 14-0 run which has built a 38-25 cushion.

After a timeout by H.F.C., Ken Wong hit one shot from deep to reduced the lead to 10. Three steals by Tabo Chak and also 7 straight points for his team cut the lead by Trojans to only three.
H.F.C. had chances to tie the game but they missed both open three-point shots down the stretch. Both teams did not score again as Trojans took away the Final victory 38-35 against H.F.C.

Tabo Chak continued his strong scoring game and scored 19 points. He had scored 16 or more points in five straight games. He added also 8 rebounds, two assists and three steals but committed five turnovers. Colin Wong, who scored 13 or more points in the past three games, had only six.

Patrick Tse and Jerry Lee had one turnover each and Edward Wong had 3 in the final period.
Patrick Tse and teammate Billy Ip, who fight for the three-point championship i nthe final sudden death, did not attempt any shot from the three-point range in the game.

Will Kam and Patrick Tse, both former SOUTHORN Tigers, won their second championship.

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