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Day One Preview

2007.03.19 16:06

March 25 is Day One of the SBL season 2007. Eight of the twelve teams
are going to have their season debut at Western Park Sports Centre
in the evening.

18:05 GRIZZ, GTE

G.T. Explorers is one of the first four teams in the league
when it was started in June 2006. Despite some talent and a
good depth on paper, the team cannot gather enough players to
play for many games and they were only 1-11 in the past twelve
games. However, the GRIZZ, one of the new team this season,
may need to fact a stronger G.T. Explorers as on eof the league’s
stars Michael Killeen could return to the court and
there are other new blood in Tommy Wong and Barton Lai who may
give the team another look.

19:15 M.I.B., SOUTHORN Tigers

M.I.B. lost the past three games against SOUTHORN Tigers and
they also lost key players like Leo Chow and Yin Ho this season.
But they added some new players too which it is always not a
easy game for the Tgiers against them. Despite three losses,
M.I.B. in fact have had late runs in all those games but jsut
they could really take the lead back. M.I.B. lost by only two
in the last game the two teams square off. Tigers is a (very)
shaky team that on one day they could lost 23-53 in the league
debut to win the champion at last, make a 44-30 victory in season
2 but out of reach of the semi-final, and then scored a league
record 62 points in the 5th place game.

Just one thing is certain, Tigers and M.I.B. will again not
winning on the same day. Yin-Yang pattern continues.

20:25 H.F.C., Photons

H.F.C., the 1st Runner-up three months ago, will face a new
team in their season debut. H.F.C. have added depth this season
with at least one known names Martin Khan that joined the league
since the very beginning.

21:35 T-REX, Wild Beasts

Two new teams, not enough information to write a real preview
with some real content… Sorry~