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HFC 49, PHO 36

2007.03.26 17:09

H.F.C. could not get away in any means from Photons, one of the new teams in this season, until Tabo Chak took over in the final period.

Tabo Chk set a league record 27 points and helped H.F.C. beat Photons 49-36.

Cherry Tsui, the third female player took the floor in league history, entered the game off the bench and took control the pace of the game.

Photons took an one-point advantage at the end of second period.

Alan Tam scored two as H.F.C. had a 7-2 run.

Tabo Chak hit a two to tie the game at the end of the third period, when he already had 18 points. Only two other players in league had ever reached the 18-point mark.

Simon Ho and Harris Wong were fouled out in the final period as Photons could not keep Tabo Chak and Nikko Kwok from scoring and getting the boards. Photons had 8 of their 20 fouls in the period. H.F.C. was sent to the line 8 times in ther period and 18 for the evening.

Cherry Tsui had 13 points, 3 assists and two rebounds. She had the second highest score for the season’s first evening only behind Tabo Chak’s 27.

H.F.C. was 0-2 when Tabo Chak attempts 23 or more shots entering the game.