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MIB 16, GRI 32

2007.04.16 17:11

Lead by Ka Wai Fu’s 13 points and 9 rebounds, and four former M.I.B. scored against M.I.B. in a 32-16 victory. Both teams combined for only 16-82 from the field and M.I.B. shot just above 16.2% for the game.

After shooting 1-14 in the season debut, Ka Wai Fu scored 5 of the team’s 8 points in the first period as the team lead 8-5 entering the second. The GRIZZ guard finished by 5-11 from the field and 3-6 from the charity strip and added 9 rebounds, 2 steals. Adrian Chou and Jefferson Tong combined for all the team’s 5 points but also committed 4 of the teams 5 turnovers in the period.

Both teams continued to struggle from the field in the second period, combined to shoot for just 3-24. GRIZZ centre Gary Chong had four points. M.I.B. centre Thomson Hui and teammate Wallace Wong scored two apiece.

By making 3 of the four shots at the line in the third period, Adrian Chou and Jefferson Tong scored 5 of the team’s seven points trying to stay in the game. GRIZZ guard Ka Wai Fu scored another five points and the lead was extended to five entering the final period.

In addition to the six turnovers and eight fouls in the final period, M.I.B. was held scoreless in the 4th period and was outscored 11-0 as GRIZZ took their first victory by winning 16 points.

Jefferson Tong, after a scoreless season debut, lead all M.I.B. by six points. The forward added 5 boards and a league record six steals but committed 5 turnovers. Adrian Chow had four points, eight rebounds and one assist.

All former M.I.B. scored at least one point against the old team. Leo Chow had five points with one trey despite called for four fouls and left the court early. Tony Chow made both shots from the line and added 3 rebounds. Gary Chow and Ho Yin Chan each scored one point and combined for 9 rebounds and two assists.

Johnny Lim scored three points off the bench and added 2 rebounds, 2 assists and 2 steals.

M.I.B. guard Samson Tong did not dress due to injury. Gilbert Fu attended the game but was not on the active roster.