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PHO 25, CHA 24

2007.04.16 17:13

After Explorers beat Tigers by one, Photons won its first game also by one-point on the same day. Harris Wong scored a game-high 13 points and lead his team to a first victory against the Challengers, which lost for second time in three weeks and started the first season of the team 0-2.

Both teams had three steals and Challengers turned the ball over six times in the first period, when Photons were up by two. Harris Wong shot 2-4 and scored four points. Both teams missed ten or more shots from the field entering the second period.

Challengers tried to slow down Photons, which had six free throw attempts, but all were missed. But Harris Wong scored another four points and teammate Sonnel added two to keep their lead at 12-9 at half-time.

Challengers continued to miss shots in the third period, as they make only one from the field. Five Challengers combined to miss 12 attempts while they allowed Photons on 2-7 shooting. Ivan Shiu added two free throws as the team extended the lead to 18-13 into the 4th period.

Bryant Chan made 2 baskets and cut the lead to one at 18-17. Ivan Choi scored two points to put his team back to a three-point lead. Challenger Venus Cheung’s three pointer tied the game before Harris Wong scored four points for Photons, which re-gain a four-point cushion.
Down by only one with less than five seconds left, Challengers failed to attempt the last shot before the game ends.

Bryant Chan and Venus Cheung combined for 14 of the team’s 24 points but shot only 6-27 from the field.

Ching Yi Mak, the fourth female player took the floor in league history, replaced Cherry Tsui on the active roster and started for Photons. She was scoreless, missed three long shots but added one rebound.