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SAM 34, HFC 45

2007.04.16 17:12

Once expected to be the match up of the top two teams in the league, H.F.C. showed they might be the better team, by just half of the game. Tabo Chak scored only 14 points and with plenty of help, his team spoiled Chi Chi Au’s return and his 19 points as SAMURAI lost by 34-45, the biggest margin in team history.

Chi Chiu Au returned from ankle injury and started for the first time in the league. He took almost every shot of his team in the first period but the lone basket he made is also the only one for his team. There are only two other attempts by Jackie Lai and Benson Kwong for SAM, which missed 8 attempts from the field.

Tabo Chak missed both free throws but shoot 3-4 in the first period. Marco Tse and Colin Wong each made a shot from beyond the arc and Nikko Kwok made his only attempt as they outscored SAMURAI 14-2 before the second period.

H.F.C. was slowed down in the second period. Alfred Lin scored two and extended the lead to 16-2. Benson Kwong added two before Tabo Chak added two points at the line as the maintained 18-4. A pair of free throws from James Kwan and Tabo Chak gave the teams a 19-5 scoreboard at the break.

SAMURAI had 12 turnovers in the first half.

SAMURAI tried hard to stay in the game behind two treys from Eric Leung and 6 points from Chi Chiu Au in the third period, but Ken Wong answered for 2 shots from deep and, with terrific passing, Nikko added two easy baskets, H.F.C. continued to score more than SAMURAI and took a 15-point lead into the final period. Tabo Chak did not attempt a shot but dished out three times in the third period.

Chi Chiu Au made two threes for his team to start the 4th period. Followed by one point from Jackie Lai, Chi Chiu Au made another basket and three free throws. The scorer had 11 of his 19 points in the final period but the lead is still too much the team.

Nikko Kwok scored five more points in the period and finished a double-double with eleven points and rebounds apiece. Colin Wong added two free throws, finished the night with 7 points, 2 rebounds, 2 blocked shots.

SAMURAI forward Michael Chan, Ernest Chan did not attend the game. Mark Au did not play due to back pain.

Chi Chiu Au has taken almost half of the 45 attempts of the team from the floor, and made seven of them.

SAMURAI won 44-32 on October 22 in Season 2. The two teams now tied 1-1 in all-time series.