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SAM 26, TRX 29

2007.05.14 17:23

T-REX had only seven players to start the game, and they finished it with only six. Still, they outlasted the SAMURAI for the team’s second victory and handed SAMURAI a first-time second straight loss by 29-23.

Both teams struggled in the beginning. A 4-3 concluded a T-REX lead in the first period, when the teams combined for only 2-14 from the field.

Michael Chan scored all SAMURAI’s five points in the second period, when they were outscored 14-5 behind two three-pointers by Chris Chan as T-REX took a six point lead into the half. Frankie Lee had two points in the period, before he sprained his ankle and did not return. T-REX had only six players since then.

Jackie Lai had four points to start the second half and cut the deficit to 12-14 only. SAMURAI began to play man-to-man defense, but this could not help as T-REX forward Vincent Siu had his own 6-0 run to put T-REX up by eight again. Both teams made one more free throw as T-REX maintained a lead into the final period.

T-REX was sent to the line for ten times, eight by Vincent Siu in the third period.

T-REX is running out of gas and Vincent Siu the team’s final six points before Chi Chiu Au made a three to cut it 26-29 with less than a minute left.

SAMURAI failed to shoot in the final possession and lost for the second straight time, first time in team history.

Entering the game as the leader in the league on three-point shotting, Eric Leung started the game but attempted only one shot at all, and missed. Teammate Jackie Lai filled the box score by 7 points, 4 rebounds, five steals, one assist and one blocked shot. Michael Chan had 9 points and eight boards and two steals, but committed a game high six turnovers, including two out-of-bound violation in the first half.

Vincent Siu lead all players by 12 points. He added 2 rebounds, one assist and two steals. Chris Chan had eight points and a tied a league-record by six steals, which was set earlier this season in April by Jefferson Tong.