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WIL 16, PHO 30

2007.05.14 17:26

After a 31-10 victory, Wild Beasts was back to a shooting slump again as they lost 16-30 to Photons, which had two players in double-double and three players with ten or more rebounds.

Chi Kin Wu is the only player to score for Wild Beasts, which missed all from the line and was only 1-10 from the field. And they gave up five points each from Ivan Shiu and Harris Wong.

Photons took a 10-2 advantage before both teams completely cooled down in the second period, when Wild Beasts shot 1-12 from the field and had two points from Danny Chan. But Photons was no better, since they made also only one field goal from Cherry Tsui. The team combined for 2-23 from the field.

Wild Beasts bounced back wildly in the third period and turned a nine-point deficit to three. Larry Ho added two, Rick Tsui and Tony Chan each scored four points and the 10-4 run helped the team to stay in the game as the final period started.

Another collapse just come to the Beasts when they had six turnovers and back to a 1-10 shooting slump again in the final period. Chi King Wu is again the only Wild Beasts’ scorer. An array of fast-break layups, three-point shot and free throws gave Photons the lead all the way to a second straight victory.

Rick Tsui, Chi Kin Wu, Tony Chan each had four points for Wild Beasts, which was out-rebounded 24-34.

Wild Beasts missed all nine foul shots. Two teams missed 29 free throws altogether.

Ivan Shiu missed at least one free throw in each period and shot 2-12 altogether at the line, but managed to score a double-double. He had 10 points, eleven boards and one assist. Teammate Harris Wong had ten points and rebounds apiece, added four steals and one assist and a blocked shot.

It marked the first time two female player were on the floor in the same game. Cherry Tsui and Ching Yi Mak “BB” combined for seven points. Cherry Tsui went to the line and shot 1-4, added three assists and one steal while Ching Yi Mak had one rebound and one assist.

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