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2nd SB3 – Day 1 Finished

2007.09.11 19:42

Day 1 of the 2nd SOUTHORN BASKETBALL 3 ON 3 finished on September 9 at Wester Park Sports Centre.

Photons, H.F.C. and GRIZZ all finished 3-0 and lead their respective groups. Skywalker (2-1), who won the tie break against Chun Sing, which ranked 2nd in the group, will join the Gold Cup bracket with other 2-1 teams including SAMURAI, T-REX and Squirrel. Photons will meet Chun Sing, H.F.C. will face T-REX. SAMURAI and new faces from Skywalker will squre off and another new team Squirrel will play against the 2nd-runner up of SBL in GRIZZ.

In Silver Cup bracket, Staff Team will first meet Challengers, who has Bryant Chan injured on Day 1 and the team’s status is uncertain now. M.I.B. will play H.F.C.2, the only team enters Silver Cup with two victories on Day 1. Wild Beasts will try to advance against Trojans, who is still winless in this event while another 0-3 team G.T. Explorers will face the Kings, one of the non-SBL teams in this 2nd 3-on-3 event.

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