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2007 Top 10 Highlights

2007.12.28 21:51

The year of 2007 is going to end, before the 2008 arrives, let us look back for the top 10 stories around our own hoops world this year.

M.I.B. handed SAMURAI the league's greatest upset.

M.I.B. handed SAMURAI the league’s greatest upset.

10. The league expanded from 6 teams to 12 in just the third season of the league. The league was first established by only four teams, SOUTHORN Tigers, SAMURAI, M.I.B. and G.T. Explorers.

9. The defending three-point king Patrick Tse made only one basket in the second Three-Point Shootout and was out in first round.

8. Harris Wong became the second player in the league to reach 20 points in the 3rd place game against SOUTHORN Tigers on August 5 at Smithfield Sports Centre. Tabo Chak is the only player topped that mark.

7. The first overtime game of the league is played when GRIZZ tied SOUTHORN Tigers at 28 in 40 minutes. A 10-5 overtime gave GRIZZ a victory.

6. GRIZZ defeat Chung Sing in the 2nd Southorn Basketball 3 on 3 in the final moment and become the champion of the half-court event.

5. Michael Killeen beat the buzzer in arguably the most exciting game of the season when G.T. Explorers beat SOUTHORN Tigers 28-27 at Harbour Road Sports Centre on April 15. This game also gave the Explorers a first win against Tigers after losing the previous four match-ups. The 14 points by Mike is a team record in the season and is second highest in team history.

4. M.I.B. defeat SAMURAI in first round playoff may not be as stunned when we saw the NBA leading Dallas Mavericks was dumped by the number 8th seeded Golden State Warriors, but it certainly was the greatest upset in our young league history. It was also the lone victory for the men in black in this season. They had only six players for that game.

3. SOUTHORN Tigers and Photons combined for 92 points in the 3rd place game. It was not only the game of most points scored in 2007 but also the only second game in league history when both teams scored 42 or more points.

2. Tabo Chak scored 27 points in the third season and beat Photons 49-36 when the game was tied after three periods. It was a new league record and his 4th time to topped the 20-point mark.

1. Unbeaten H.F.C. won 8 straight in the season and first be the champion of Southorn Basketball League.