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GTE 23, DRE 25

2008.01.07 17:33

New face Dream Team took a first victory for themselves and the first win in 2008 of S.B.L. as they looked Barton Lai’s potential winning three-pointer missed for G.T. Explorers in a 25-23 season opener.

Van Law, one of the new faces from the Explorers, scored the 11 points and added 10 boards, which is the first double-double in just the first game of this season. It was, however, not enough to avoid the first loss to Dream Team, which led by Seung Lung Chin’s 7 points.

There was only one point for the first seven or more minutes when Man Chun Chow made a free throw for Dream Team. The game was tied at four as the first period ends.

The game remained a close one. Van Law finished the first half with five points but the Explorers was down by two at the break.

Sze Man Wan, Seung Lung Chin and Man Chun Chow each scored two points for dream team in the third period but Van Law helped the explorers to stay close and Dream team led 18-16 entering the final period.

Hui Yin Sau scored his first basket for a four-point lead but Ivan Choi scored two points, Barton Lai’s basket from deep and Van law’s free throw put the Explorers within two again at 24-22 with less than a minute left.

Each team made one free throw down the stretch and Explorers got the possession with less than 10 seconds. Ivan Choi could not go to the basket but find Barton Lai for a final shot from beyond the arc but it fall off the board and bounce out of the rim as the victory went to Dream Team in the league’s first game in 2008.

Dream Team had 12 attempts from deep, but missed all.

G.T. Explorers had 25 turnovers, compared to 10 by the opponent. Angus Chan committed 5 but added seven boards and a blocked shot.

Dream Team played only 6 players but seven were dressed. Former Challengers Venus Cheung did not play.

Van Law was only the second Explorer to have a double-double since the team was formed. Michael Killeen had 12 points and 10 rebounds in the very first game of the league on June 25 in 2006.

G.T. Explorers were 5-3 when they scored 24 or more points.