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WIL 22, CHA 29

2008.01.07 17:39

Yuen Ki Chu and Yin Ho scored 11 and 6 points from the bench and helped Challengers to take a first victory since the team joined the league last season.

Kenny Li, Chi Kin Wu and Larry Ho combined for all Wild Beasts points in the first period and the 7-0 run ended the period. Challengers become the third team to be scoreless in the first period.

After it looked the Beasts have taken control of the game, Yu Yin Hon score four points in a 7-0 run and tied the game in the 2nd period. Terry Liu made the lone basket for Wild Beasts for an 9-8 lead in the same period before Yu Yin Hon put Challengers back to a lead 10-9 entering the half time break.

Yin Ho hit from deep and Brian Chan added three points after the half time break, Yuen Ki Chu maded a basket and Tung Heung hit one foul shot as Challengers extended the lead to 19-14 at the end of the 3rd period, when Larry Ho scored his four of six points of the night and of five points for the team.

Challengers started the final period with a 5-0 run to extend the lead to double-digit. After the Yuen Ki Chu finished a three-point play, Kenn Li cut it again to nine at 27-18. Stephen Tsang scored the last two points for Challengers before Kenny Li made two more foul shots in four attempts and put his team back to single digit deficit.

Nelson Wong hit the last goal of the game for Wild Beasts as the team lost 22-29 to Challengers.

Yu Yin Hon had six points, all in the first period, for Challengers and added 7 boards, he also committed five turnovers before he was fouled out.

Challengers lost 10-31 in last April when they scored 4 points in the second period and only two in each of the rest. Both teams played all twelve players in that game.

SOUTHORN Tigers held M.I.B. and G.T. Explorers to zero-point first period in two games in the first season of the league in 2006.

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