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TRX 34, MIB 27

2008.01.07 17:39

Gilbert Fu, SBL Sports Writer
As a reserve, Chung Ming Mok scored a game-high ten points, and as a game late comer, Vincent Siu grabbed a team-high six rebounds, both brought their team tasted the first win in 2008.

Kevin Hui scored first two points for T-Rex as the opening of new season. Both Chris Chan and Ryan Lee hit the three in first quarter. Ryan made most effort in this quarter, however shot only 1-5 from the field.

The fatal weakness of M.I.B. was in the second quarter. Five T-Rex players including Ryan, Kevin, Chris, Chi Yip Wong and Frankie Lee scored total 12 points, most scoring in one quarter and made a seven points lead during the half time, 20-13. T-Rex only recorded three turnovers in this quarter and compare with 8 turnovers from MIB, T-Rex made the perfect sense to win.

Chung Ming Mok scored 6 points in the third quarter, while Corn Hui from M.I.B. scored 4 points and combined with Adrian Chou and Jefferson Tong total 4 points, try to bring M.I.B. closer.

Vincent grabbed all his six rebounds after half time despite getting any score. Adding six points scored by teammate Kevin and Chung Ming in the forth, the team managed to secure the lead until the buzz. Adrian grabbed game-high 12 rebounds but can急 help M.I.B., he made four more turnovers after half time and break the league record most turnovers in a single game.

League new comers Corn Hui and Eddie Wong both had 5. Jefferson Tong had both team-high 4 assists and eight points.