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SAMURAI, H.F.C. Re-Match Again

2008.01.09 17:02

Eight teams showed up on Day 1 (January 6) and on Day 2 (January 13), the other six teams, H.F.C., SAMURAI, SOUTHORN Tigers, Trojans, GRIZZ and Photons, are coming.

  1. H.F.C. vs SAMURAI. SAMURAI defeated H.F.C. by 12 points in 2006 even when Tabo Chak became the first S.B.L. player to top the 20-point mark. H.F.C. avenged their biggest loss in team history in the following season in a 45-34 victory despite Chi Chi Au’s personal best 19 points. The two teams were placed in the same division this season again and will play at Shek Tong Tsui in the first game of the evening on January 13. SAMURAI will play without two of their core players last season in Michael Chan and Benson Kwong, both are now on D.S.F., but they will have their point guard Chi On Lau return from a cruiate ligament injury.
  2. SOUTHORN Tigers vs Trojans. Trojans lead 3-0 in all-time series against SOUTHORN Tigers and the teams will square off again in the second game of the night. Trojans, the number one seeded in Flight Division 2007, will try to bounce from an disappointed playoff loss while the 2nd Runner-Up SOUTHORN Tigers would try to go on after winning a high-scoring 48-44 3rd place game at the end of previous season. Both teams do not have major lineup changes and we will see if Trojans could continue to beat those in red.
  3. GRIZZ vs Dream Team. Dream Team took a victory on Day 1 and is going to carry the tension to Day 2 against GRIZZ, the 1st Runner-Up in 2007. There are going to be two Leos and it could easily be a game to feature the quickest players in the league in a single game. Ka Wai Fu will certainly being the scoring consideration and we will see if
  4. Photons vs Chung Sing. Photons become a half-new-half-old team when some new faces joined and the 3rd Runner-Up in 2007 will face Chung Sing, who just lost the season opener to D.S.F. on day one. Leading scorers Harris Wong and Cherry Tsui remained on the team together with their defender of the board Ivan Shiu. Kwan Ho Yu led Chung Sing by 12 points