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PHO 39, CHU 24

2008.01.14 17:41

Chung Sing collapsed in the final period, was held scoreless and allowed 17 points as they lost for the second straight game despite a two-point lead to start the final period against Photons, who won 39-24 in the team’s season debut.

After having a two-point lead at the end of the 3rd period, Chung Sing was none on 13 attempts from the field and missed all six shots at the charity stripe in the final period, when Photons made 6-12 and 3-6 from the line.

After scoring 12 points in the season debut, Kwan Ho Yu had six points, all at the line, and missed all five attempts from on the floor. He was 6-12 at the line and grabbed five rebounds.

Both teams scores almost half of their points at the line in he first period. Chung Sing took a one-point lead at the end of the period. They followed by scoring all six points in the second period at all the line and Photons, with no foul shot, scored 10 points including two treys by Cherry Tsui and Jason Tong and took a three-point lead at the break.

Ivan Shiu was two on four from the field and added a free throw to scored five of his six points in the third period, which are the only points for the team. Other Photons combined for 0-8 shooting.

After Chi Ho Yu hit a free throw to tie it at 25, Elvin Tam scored two points and ended the third period with a two-point lead, before they never score again.

Harris Wong, who scored 21 in the 3rd place game in previous season, scored all his four points in the final period. Jason Tong made a three in the period and scored 7 points for the night. Cherry Tsui hit another three and also a fast break and led her team by eight.

Elvin Tam had nine points, four boards and a steal for Chung Sing, but shot only 3 on 15.

Both Kwan Ho Yu and Harris Wong, key players of their respective teams, come late to the game.

Photons played 12 players for the first time since they played at Harbour Road against Challengers on April 15 in 2007.

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