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S.B.L. “Team Tag”

2008.02.05 15:14

S.B.L. is recently preparing a “Team Tag” for each team which we could put it on the scoreboard if space is available.

We can see there are often some space on the scoreboard we loan at the courts and I think we can make it look better when we are having our games. Below are three pictures of three scoreboards used in three sites. We can see there are some space which can be used for putting the team’s name or other information.

Sheung Wan Sports Centre

Harbour Road Sports Centre

Western Park Sports Centre

Other than making it simply look better, having a team tag will hopefully try to make it clearer of which score is for which team.

Previews of four team tags:





The tags are going to be:

  • W 270mm * H 135mm
  • Colour prinitng
  • Simple cardboard or laminated paper

Team managers are expected to receive the copy on February 17 (other teams on March 2) and they shall become the owner of the tag since then. Managers can bring it with them (and blue-tac) when they want to put it up in their games. The league may not make a second copy again within this season so team managers shall keep theirs properly~ (Thanks!)

If your team has a logo but not yet ready or your team wants to update it for the tag, please send it to us on or before February 10.

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