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Lost in Jurassic Park. (TRX 42, TRO 28)

2008.01.28 17:43

Patrick Tse, SBL Sports Writer

The men of Troy were handed their first defeat of the season by the energetic T-Rex, led by the 15-pt, 7-board performance by new blood Kit Tang.

This is the first time Vincent Siu played against his former team after their championship campaign 2 seasons ago. He added 9 points and 4 important steals to his team. There weren’t much between the teams at the beggining, trading baskets and leads frequently and finishing the first half with a 2 point differential.

But The Trojans were exposed in the 2nd half with their lack of form and stamina and T-Rex completely took over on both ends of the floor.

The Blues tried to force the issue by creating fastbreak opportunities but the efforts resulted in many turnovers as the T-rex were simply too quick in getting back on defense.

Consecutive turnovers completely killed Trojans momentum and the game was decided there.

Turnover is the name of the game and Trojans deservedly lose this game as they turned the ball over 17 times while T-Rex committed just 9 in the game. The Starters of the blues combined for only 10 points (5 of 21 FG) and usual starter Jerry Lee, 8 points, arrived to the game just before tip-off and started on bench.

After two periods with double digit scoring, Trojans combined only for six in the second half.

Patrick Tse led a game-high 10 rebounds, added 5 assists but committed 6 turnovers with only two points on 1-6 shooting. Edward Wong was fouled out in the final period with frustration. Trojans had 18 bench points, compared to the starting 10.

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