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PHO 29, TRO 23

2008.03.03 17:45

It’s not easy to find words to describe the way Trojans played in this game. If a picture paints a thousand words, then there shall be numerous of ugly pictures of Trojans in this game, who failed to get on the board after the 1st period.

Without Sunny Wong and Jackie Lee, Trojans’ main inside threat, the starting V looked completely lost. 3 of the Trojan starters, Billy Ip, Patrick Tse and John Chow, did not log any points and that’s too big a burden for Michael Lau, who finished with 11 on 4 of 16 shooting.

Ivan Siu did not play for Photons but his effort wasn’t missed as the Orangers were in complete control of the game right from the start. Usual Star Harris Wong had a tied game-High 11 points and Thomas Kwong was solid in the paint with 7 boards including 4 offensive.

Photons slowly built up a 6 point lead after first 10 minutes of play and Trojans answered in the 2nd period. After settling down from a chaotic start, Trojans took their time to find Mike Mak, who finished with 4 points, and Michael Lau and the monemtum shift was to their favor.

The man who made the difference in the game thou, was Jason Tong, whose two important treys in different halves cooled off Trojans’ attempts to make a run. The Trojans found themselves even in points with Photons late in the 1st half but Jason’s 3 regained the lead heading into the break.

Trojans, again, lost the battle of Turnover, committed 16 in the game and most of them were casued by lack of communication among players.

Jason Tong’s 2nd trey came in the 3rd Period while both teams traded turnovers and baskets and Trojans still find themselves down by 6 with 1 more period to go.

But they carried on with their lackluster performance throughout the game as weren’t able to make up for the deficit made in the 1st Quater and lost the game.

Cherry Tsui, who averaged 8 points prior to this game, were limited to two FG attempts but scored her only basket in the 3rd on a lay up. Franky Hui had a bad day with 1 of 8 from the field. Patrick Tse, who logged 9 assists in the last two games, recorded 0 in this game as he tried to help on the inside.