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GRI 34, CHA 38

2008.03.03 17:46

How to begin shall mean something to winning, how to finish could be meaning more.

Challengers know it well.

Ka Wai Fu scored only nine points and was fouled out with minutes on the clock. He watched the Challengers scored the last six points at the free throw line and come back for a 38-34 victory.

On a fast-break play, Yuen Ki Chiu hit the basket and was fouled by Ka Wai Fu. It was the fifth by the GRIZZ star and he left the court before Yuen Ki Chiu finished the three-point play. Ho Yin Chan was also fouled out less than two minutes later.

GRIZZ just started the game well, held Challengers for a scoreless first period and continued a 10-0 run to begin the second.

Yuen Ki Chiu score the team’s first point at the line in the second period. After he split another pair of free throws, Ho Yin Chan scored two points to put GRIZZ to a 14-2 lead, but the players in gray went cold.

Yu Yin Hon and Yuen Ki Chiu combined for a 10-2 run the rest of the period and cut the lead to four only at intermission.

Ka Wai Fu start the second half from deep, hit his lone trey of the game. He split two pairs of free throws in the period and the last one extended the lead for GRIZZ to six points.

After Ho Yin Chan made a jump shot for a 27-21 lead, Challengers had a 6-0 run to tie the game. Terence Leung made one of the two free throws to take the lead for GRIZZ but Yu Yin Hon made a pair to take back the lead at 30-29.

GRIZZ centre Raymond Pak made a three-point shot to cut the lead to three at 34-37 with a couple of seconds left but Challengers seal the win by the final free throw.

Johnny Lim did not play for GRIZZ.

The eleven free throws made and sixteen attempts by Yuen Ki Chi were the most by a player in a single game.

Challengers had a scoreless first period against Wild Beasts earlier this season, also finished with a win.

Leo Chow and Kwok Wai Wen were called for Unsportsmanlike Fouls at different time in the final period.