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(Very) Long Vacation

2008.03.10 13:14

Tabo Chak and H.F.C. has been idle for two months

Tabo Chak and H.F.C. has been idle for two months, and counting.

H.F.C. lost the season opener, followed by a no-opponent victory before looking for the third game on Sunday. It means the team has been idle since Janurary 13 and wants to shook off rust and fight again for the standing against Wild Beasts. However, another 20-0 is likely to happen. The games on March 16 will be played this at Sheung Wan Sports Centre.

Game 1 at 17:10 – T-REX vs D.S.F.

One of the teams, T-REX or D.S.F. which both are 2-0, will join Photons to remain unbeaten in FLIGHT Division. And being the second 3-0 team in the division, the winner of this game is almost guaranteed a top rank in the division shall they beat Photons (3-0) in the team’s next match up.

Game 2 at 18:20 SAMURAI vs Challengers

SAMURAI was beaten by GRIZZ, who was just beaten by Challengers. The Challengers were much improved this season while SAMURAI was also just lost the only game to GRIZZ after a strong start.

Game 3 at 19:30SOUTHORN Tigers vs Chung Sing

Chung Sing started the season with zero and three, and will look for the first win on Sunday against SOUTHORN Tigers and Dennis Chang, who is also Chung Sing’s coach. The teams did not met in any regular games before but most of them are familiar with others in casual games. Tigers, coming off their first and lone victory against M.I.B., will try to secure a playoff spot and win in this game for their second victory.

Game 4 at 19:40 – H.F.C. vs Wild Beasts

H.F.C. lost the first game to SAMURAI and took an just easy win in their second against G.T. Explorers, who lost by forfeit. It has been two months time the H.F.C. are not around playing in the league but they may still be having their vacation if there is nothing wild to happen. Wild Beasts shall lost by forfeit in this game as they were expected to miss it for an important event of one of their players, while re-scheduling has been arranged but unsuccessful.

* G.T. Explorers is expected to play a friendly game against H.F.C. at the original time slot.

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