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Final Fight

2008.05.05 13:40

It is getting close to the S.B.L. Playoffs 2008.

Some teams are locked for standings. Photons will be number one in FLIGHT Division, SOUTHORN Tigers and M.I.B. are 5th and 6th. Chung Sing is done for this season despite having one game left. H.F.C. won over GRIZZ and confirmed a top FORCE seed followed by Challengers being the number 2 and GRIZZ at third. On May 18 will decide the final standing for the playoffs 2008.

  1. Final and 6th spot in FORCE Division: Wild Beasts vs G.T. Explorers
    The winner on May 18 between these two teams will determine who can extend their season in June at Wong Chuk Hang Sports Centre.
  2. A possible three-way tie in FORCE Division: If SAMURAI win
    Challengers had tie-breaker against SAMURAI and GRIZZ and they only lost to Dream Team which is at best being 3-3, so Challengers is locked for no. 2. GRIZZ has lost only two games to the teams above and thus is locked at no.3 while losing tie-breaker to Challengers.
    If SAMURAI defeat Dream Team, they will join GRIZZ and Challengers to become a 4-2 but they can still unable to go higher due to worse results between the teams and a table is shown below:



    W-L Goal

    29 : 35 29 : 37 0-2 58 : 72

    35 : 29 34 : 38 1-1 69 : 67

    37 : 29 38 : 34 2-0 75 : 63

    If SAMURAI lost, Dream Team will become number 4 in FORCE. Therefore, in short, it is only a “4th-place game” for SAMURAI and DreamTeam. The winner will face SOUTHORN Tigers in first round.

  3. Reaching no. 2, three 3-2 team in FLIGHT Division: Trojans, T-REX or D.S.F?
    All Trojans, T-REX and D.S.F. may change standing, depending on the results of their final games. D.S.F. defeated T-REX and T-REX beat Trojans before. Thus,

    i) A D.S.F. win (4-2) over Trojans will result a number two for them. While Trojans lost tie-breaker to T-REX, Trojans will fall to no.4 even if T-REX lose to Chung Sing;

    ii) A Trojans win (4-2) will give them a no. 2 for sure and drop D.S.F. to 3-3. Thus T-REX can go up to no.3 if they win (4-2) or stay at no. 4 if they lose (3-3). T-REX lost to D.S.F. earlier this season.

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