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Down The Stretch

2008.05.12 11:08

Wild Beasts want to stay, they need to beat Explorers.

Wild Beasts want to stay, they need to beat Explorers.

With two weeks left before the playoffs 2008, two of the 14 teams are still trying to find the final playoff seat. G.T. Explorers and Wild Beasts will square off on May 18 at Sheung Wan Sports Centre and decide who can put the other one to an early summer vacation.

Game 1 at 18:10 – T-REX (3-2) vs Chung Sing (0-5)

After five losses, Chung Sing is done for the season regardless of the result for this final game for the team. But T-REX, coming off an overtime victory against SOUTHORN Tigers, need this win to fight for the second spot. Should they lost, the winner of the third game of the day, Trojans or D.S.F., will become no. 2 in FLIGHT Division. If they win, followed by a Trojans win, T-REX will win the tie-breaker for second seed, otherwise D.S.F. defeated T-REX in a one-point victory earlier this season and will be ranked first.

Game 2 at 19:20 G.T. Explorers (0-5) vs Wild Beasts (1-4)

The G.T. Explorers has a final hope as Wild Beast lost to GRIZZ on April 27. Should the Explorers leave on Sunday with a win, they could tie Wild Beasts in standing, win the tie-breaker, and kick the beasts wildly out of the playoff picture.

Game 3 at 20:30 – Trojans (3-2) vs D.S.F. (3-2)

After a three and zero start, D.S.F. lost two straight against Photons and then M.I.B. in overtime. They can still get a 4-2 overall result to enter playoffs. And if they did, they will still end up with a second best record in the Division while already have a tie-breaker against T-REX, the only other team may have a same record if they won on the same evening before this game.

Game 4 at 21:40 – SAMURAI (3-2) vs Dream Team (2-3)

Since H.F.C. defeted GRIZZ, a SAMURAI win will result in a three-way tie for three 4-2 teams. But SAMURAI already lost to GRIZZ and Challengers, they can go as high as number 4 only. If Dream Team won, they will rise get a 3-3 record and drop SAMURAI to number five by winning the tie-breaker.

If Dream Team won and become FO4, they will face M.I.B. (2-4, FL6).

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