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1-2-4-Point Shootout 2008

2008.05.26 10:46

As the name suggests, in this contest, players may score one (1), two (2) and four (4) points on each basket made. The 1-2-4-Point Shootout will be held after the Semi-Finals on June 22 at Harbour Road Sports Centre.

Date: 2008 June 22, Sunday

Site: Harbour Road Sports Centre

Time: After the Semi-Finals finish

Prize: To Be Annouced

Application Deadline: 2008 June 20, Friday

(“Walk-ins” from any S.B.L. team are allowed on the day before the first shooter begin during the game when there are less than 28 players applied before the deadline.)

Shooting Floor Plan


  • Each shooter is given one ball and has sixty (60) seconds to shoot the ball at any position within the half-court.
  • Each shooter starts at the centre circle.
  • Each basket made in GREEN area (see above) is worth one (1) point.
  • Each basket made in BLUE area is worth two (2) points.
  • Each basket made in RED area is worth four (4) points.
  • No points for any basket made in the two-point area (exclude in the BLUE and GREEN)
  • Baskets made with the shooter’s foot stepped on the boundary lines will be “down-graded”. For instance, stepping on the three-point line will turn a basket from four (4) points to two (2) points. Stepping on the free-throw line will turn a basket from two (2) points to one (1). Baksets made while stepping on the boundary line of the green area worth zero (0) point.
  • Each shooter needs to get the rebound of his own misses.
  • Each Team can assign as many as two (2) players to take part.
  • The two players with the highest scores play a final round to determine championship.

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