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Round 1, Fight!

2008.05.26 09:19

Leo and Yin will face Adrian and M.I.B., their former team.

Leo and Yin will face Adrian and M.I.B., their former team.

Four teams will end their season on the coming Sunday, and the other four teams can advance in the playoffs. While Photons, H.F.C., D.S.F. and Challengers await for them on June 15, the S.B.L. Playoffs 2008 will begin on June 1 at Wong Chuk Hang Sports Centre.

Game 1 at 16:10 – T-REX vs Wild Beasts

After two straight losses in the middle of the season, T-REX won in the final two games before the playoffs, including an overtime victory against Tigers and a close-game against the young Chung Sing. T-REX (4-2) goes into playoffs with a 3rd place in the division and will face Wild Beasts (2-4), who has stayed in the playoff picture after winning the second game of the season — third since joining S.B.L. — against G.T. Explorers.

In four games, Wild Beasts centre Kenny Li leads his team not only in points (13), rebounds (8.8) and assists (1.3) but also in blocks (1.3) and steals (2.8). Wing Kit Tang leads T-REX by 12.8 points and 6.8 boards and hit five treys in the season.

Game 2 at 17:20 Trojans vs Dream Team

With Patrick Tse out of town and lost in the final seconds in the previous game, Trojans, the second season champion, will play in the first round playoffs against Dream Team, one of the new faces in S.B.L. this season. Mike Mak leads his team in scoring by 10.2 points in five games, Michael Lau had 9.3 rebounds per game in three contest.

Dream Team young, fast guard Seung Lun Chin did not play in the 39-47 loss to SAMURAI on May 18 and will see if he is ready to return on June 1 in playoffs. Man Chun Chow (10.8), Seung Lung Chin (8.6) and Chun Hoi Tsoi (8.3) are the three leading scorers in Dream Team.

Game 3 at 18:30 – GRIZZ vs M.I.B.

Four former M.I.B. — Leo Chow, Gary Chow, Tony Chow and Ho Yin Chan — are going to face their old team M.I.B. which is also having a much different look than they were still together.

Ka Wai Fu averaged 13.1 points for GRIZZ and ranked number three in assists in the league this season. Raymond Pak, their new centre this year, averaged 6.7 points on fifty percent shooting and lead his team by 7.5 boards. Adrian Chou and Corn Hui each grabbed more than seven boards per game for M.I.B. this season and Corn leads his team with 8.5 points per game.

Game 4 at 19:40 – SOUTHORN Tigers vs SAMURAI

After missing chance to meet since November 2006, the two core teams of the league finally meet again in the first round playoffs this season. It will be the first time the two former SAMURAI — Dennis Chang and Dennis Chan — to play against the SAMURAI, who has just got 24 points from Chi Chiu Au in their 6th game of the season.

SAMURAI (4-2) and SOUTHORN Tigers (2-4) has just the opposite record where SAMURAI sandwiched two losses in the middle of the six games, the Tigers had only two wins besides the losses in the first and last two games in the season.

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