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A New Hope

2008.06.18 18:18

It is Photon's second trip to the Semi-Final

It is Photons’ second trip to the Semi-Final

G.T. Explorers missed playoffs, SOUTHORN Tigers and Trojans stopped in first round, H.F.C., M.I.B. and SAMURAI failed in the second. It means all six teams in the first two seasons are done in 2008 and there will be a new champion after H.F.C. failed in this defending assignment. The Semi-Finals will be played on June 22 at Harbour Road Sports Centre, followed by the 1-2-4-Point Shootout.

Game 1, 19:15 – D.S.F. vs Dream Team

In spite of a losing record, the Dream Team (2-4), a group of new faces in SBL this year, made two comeback wins against the champions of the previous two season — Trojans and H.F.C. — and they will try even getting into Final when they face another expansion D.S.F. who led by two former SAMURAI players Michael Chan and Benson Kwong.

D.S.F. (4-2) ranked no. 2 in FLIGHT Division and edged M.I.B. in a overtime second round playoff game last Sunday to reach the Semi-Final, before they watched the young and speedy Dream Team upset the defending Champion in a 43-41 victory.

Game 2, 20:30 – Photons vs T-REX

T-REX lost only to the then champion H.F.C. and was 4-1 in 2007 before a disappointing loss in playoffs to SOUTHRON Tigers in the second round. The re-grouped dinosaurs lost only twice this season and will face the unbeaten Photons in Semi-Final on the way to fight for championship.

Photons did not lost a single bit of their momentum — and not even a single game — in the 2008 campaign and will try to prove they can beat T-REX for the second time despite they only met a short-handed version of the players in purple. Wing Kit Tang, Chung Ming Mok and Vincent Siu, three core members of T-REX, were all absent in the 19-38 loss to Photons earlier this season but they will try to play together and revenge.

1-2-4-Point Shoout 2008

This shooting game was first played last season and it will continue again this year. Ka Wai Fu (Ah So)
defeat his teammate Leo Chow by only one point in the final round last year and took away the $100 cash coupon. We are looking for another exciting and interesting shootout this year and see who is the winner.

* The court is reserved till 23:00 on June 22.

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