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Game Format

2008.10.27 12:09

Double-elimination tournament (modified)

There are two modifications from an ordinary double-elimination format:

  • 3rd Place is detemined by an extra consolation game, therefore, the last ranked team may lose three times
  • A team may lose only once to lose the tournament due to a single-elimination format for the final game, i.e. the win-twice team lost in game 7


Tentative schedule

Date Gm Matchup
Nov 2 (day 1) 1 SOU vs GTE
2 SAM vs MIB
Nov 16 (day 2) * 3 W1 vs W2
4 L1 vs L2
Nov 30 (day 3) ** 5 L3 vs W4
W3 vs L4
Dec 14 (day 4) 6 L5 vs L4
7 W3 vs W5

* Winners and losers in Round 1 match up in winner-bracket (game 3) and loser-bracket (game 4) respectively.

** Loser of winner-bracket and winner of loser-bracket match up (game 5) to fight for the chance in a championship game. Base on a two-game-a-day basis, a friendly game will be arranged for the winning and losing team (won and lost twice already, and will be idle) on the same day.

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