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More Excitement Expected on Day 2

2008.11.10 09:00

The second day of O4 is coming. M.I.B. and G.T. Explorers, SOUTHORN Tigers and SAMURAI are going to have the second game in the series and more excitement should be expected.

M.I.B. and G.T. Explorers, the winners on November 2 who beat SAMURAI and SOUTHORN Tigers respectively, are going to square off the coming Sunday. They are going to fight for the ticket to the Final. M.I.B. shall have their team leader Gilbert Fu return to action after off for teammate Ben Cheng’s big day.

By the settings in this series of O4, the loser in this game will still need to play against the winner of the loser bracket and may still re-match again in the Final on December 14. On the other hand, the other two teams will need to avoid a second loss which will dump them in only the 3rd place game.

SAMURAI, already talented, looked even promising when they added former Dream Team forward Eric Ngai. Eric scored 10 points in his SAMURAI uniform debut but SAMURAI looked sluggish and lost to the short-handed M.I.B. in just his first game. They needed to bounce back from this performance when they face SOUTHORN Tigers, who lost to the Explorers in game one, when the couple of questionable calls down the stretch should have cost them the victory.

In the 3 on 3 games held earlier in October, M.I.B. defeated Tigers, who defeated Explorers in group game and SAMURAI in quater-final, G.T. Explorers defeated M.I.B. in group game, went on to win until they lost to H.F.C. in the final.

The next games on November 16 will be played at Sheung Wan Sports Centre:

  1. 17:15 –  M.I.B. vs G.T. Explorers
  2. 18:30 – SOUTHORN Tigers vs SAMURAI
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