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Silent Night 2: When Seven Is Better Than Six

2008.12.01 01:53

9 disconnect 8

A night not only  when “Nine disconnect Eight”, and also when seven is better than six.

Without big men in Wilson Chow, Dennis Chang, Chi WIng Chow, Dennis Chan did not attend the game with a fever, shooting guard Benny Wong started at centre, Edward Fong played all 40 minutes and SOUTHORN Tigers, with a seven-player rotation, topped G.T. Explorers, who has only 6 players, in the second friendly game after another unexpected friendly match in the same evening. The 34:27 result will not affect the winning status for G.T. Explorers, who awaits SAMURAI for a winner-takes-it-all game on December 14 in this O4 series.

Both teams were silent with limited number of players on a night already with a game lost by forfeit.

Cindy Lee hit the game’s first three points in just her first attempt of the night, followed by five points from Terence Chan and Benny Wong each and SOUTHORN Tigers took a 13-6 advantage against the five-player Explorers at the end of the first period.

After a time-out by the Explorers, Terence and Benny, the two “biggest” player from TIgers, both went to the bench, but the Explorers did not capitalize on it when they featured big man Van Law, Chris Poon and long arms from Thomas. A real GTian Edward, who spent the rest of the first half at centre, used a jumper to conclude first half when Tigers led 18-10.

Cindy scored another trey, Benny Wong made both free throws in the third period, maintained a 9-point lead despite five points by Roy Kwok for the Explorers.

Thomas Lau and Van Law combined for all 10 points in the final period for the home team, but was still short to get closer than seven points in the rest of the game.

Benny Wong, Lok Ming Sin and Cherry Tsui were all featured in the M.I.B. friendy roster in the same evening, played two straight games.

Already had three fouls, Ken Leung did not waste time and had two quick fouls when he check-in with three minutes left in the final period. Benny Wong, who has the warm up dress just put on again, put it off again and return to the court to finish the game.

Cindy Lee has two three-points, one in each half. Ken Leung was the only scoreless Tiger in the series.

In terms of “originality”, saying of players registered in the four teams during or before SBL season 2008, there are three M.I.B., five Tigers and five Explorers, and six SAMURAI in this evening.

M.I.B. will face SOUTHORN Tigers and G.T. Explores will squaire off with SAMURAI on December 14, at 18:15 and 19:30 respectively, at Shek Tong Tsui Sports Centre to conclude this O4 series.