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Silent Night: M.I.X. And Match

2008.12.01 01:13

Gilbert and Eric

Eric and SAMURAI revenged against M.I.B. finally, but not even a gaol attempt was needed.

M.I.B. did not have five players to show up and the game was lost by forfeit (0:20). M.I.B. will finally have a chance to meet SOUTHORN Tigers in the series when they fight for the 3rd place on December 14 at Shek Tong Tsui Sports Centre.

The scheduled time slot was changed to a friendly game that feature a mixture of different players. “M.I.B. side”, but not exactly originally men in baclk, has only five players to start the game with the only, truly original M.I.B. Gilbert Fu in the lineup. This MIX feature undersize centre Benny Wong (SOU) but PG Cherry Tsui (PHO) go for jump ball at tip-off against 5-11 tall SAMURAI centre James Kwan. Patrick Lai (SAM) dressed in black instead of his own team, and Chung Sing leading scorer Lok Ming Sin, who was suppose to be the statistician to earn extra lving, started at SG.

M.I.B. started the game by a 10-0 run before the other two black men showed up finally mid way through the first period. After Tim Cheung and Ben Cheng check-in for the game, M.I.B. has more than half players are really in black, but SAMURAI comeback and tie the game at 14.

As both teams played in a rather casual atmposhere, scoring was relatively easier than usual. SAMURAI looked good again in the second period, and took a 30:22 lead entering halftime.

Patrick Lau, the SAMURAI who was not playing for SAMURAI, scored five points in the period and SAMURAI was held to only two field goals as the game is tied again at 34-all when the third period ended.

Cherry took a 37-36 lead from deep before SAMURAI new face Mark Yu scored six points and edged M.I.B. 43:39 in a rather happy and funny game.

No statistics was recorded for this game lost by forfeit.

Unofficial results:

M.I.X 39, SAMURAI 43

M.I.X. scores (starters in bold):

  • Patrick – 13 Pts, 2 fouls
  • Cherry – 12pts, 2 fouls
  • Sin Lok Ming – 6 pts, 1 foul
  • Ben – 6 pts, 2 fouls
  • Tim – 2 pts, 2 fouls
  • Benny – 0 pts, 0 fouls
  • Gilbert – 0 pts, 4 fouls

SAMURA scores:

  • Eric Ngai – 15pts, 1 foul
  • Jackie –  8 pts, 2 fouls
  • Mark Yu – 8 pts, 3 fouls
  • James – 6 pts, 1 foul
  • Jack – 4 pts, 1 foul
  • Fatdog – 2 pts, 1 foul
  • Eric Leung – 0 pts, 0 fouls
  • William – 0 pts, 2 fouls