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Dead or Alive

2008.11.26 15:50

Gilbert and Eric

M.I.B. Gilbert and SAMURAI Eric will fight for the ticket to Final on Sunday

M.I.B. and SAMURAI will square off on November 30 at Sheung Wan Sports Centre for the last chance to win the O4 series.

The teams go from different directions. While M.I.B. defeated SAMRUAI in the first game followed by a 20-point loss to the G.T. Explorers, SAMURAI bounced back from the loss to M.I.B. in the series debut to win 42:24 against SOUTHORN Tigers.

On the same evening after the match-up, G.T. Explorers and SOUTHORN Tigers will play an full official game which does not account to the team’s overall standing but players’ performance and game scores will be recorded.

The first game will be played at 19:15, followed by the next at 20:30.