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Flight & Force 2009

2008.12.15 11:35

The lottery for SBL division of teams was done on the final day in the O4 series. The season schedule will be announced soon.

The lottery result is listed:

Flight division:

  1. Challengers (deep blue)
  2. Chung Sing (white)
  3. D.S.F. (deep blue)
  4. M.I.B. (black)
  5. SOUTHORN Tigers (red)
  6. T-REX (purple)
  7. Wild Beasts (black)
Force division:

  1. Dream Team (deep blue)
  2. G.T. Explorers (deep blue/white)
  3. GRIZZ (white/grey)
  4. H.F.C. (yellow/deep blue)
  5. Photons (orange)
  6. SAMURAI (black/white)
  7. Trojans (blue)

In a simplified description, Challengers and Wild Beasts swapped with Photons and Trojans while other teams remain the same in the random lottery.

* Jersey colour according information up-to-date. Please let us know if there is further information.