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January Round-up: O4 in SBL

2009.01.29 15:14

SAMURAI played the only game in January against GRIZZ, who had almost removed a 18-point deficit to complete a comeback. SAMURAI, who won 40-36,  had only 7 players available in the team’s season debut. Au Chiu and Eric Ngai scored 12 points each. The later added five boards but was fouled out in the final period. They led as many as 18 points early in the 4th period but they were not able to stop GRIZZ’s scoring and almost let the game slipped away. They also have only one game in February, on the 22th against Photons.

SOUTHORN Tigers, like SAMURAI, has only one game in the first month of the season. They lost to T-REX in a 30-36 debut. The Tigers, who played without big men Dennis Chang (now Chung Sing) and Wilson Chow (rehab), scored 9 points in the first period, but allowed 21 on the other end. Despite holding the opponent scoreless in the final period and had a much improved second half, the deficit was still too much for them to overcame. They will play against Chung Sing and Challengers in the next two meetings.

G.T. Explorers lost two straight games to begin this new season, with new faces. On January 11, the Explorers lost 37-31 to Photons despite a four-point lead in the third period. Kim Chau and Raymond Ho quickly became the perimeter threat to opposing teams as they combined for all the four three-pointers for the team in this game. Still, the two were only 1-7 from deep in the next game, when they lost 21-30 to GRIZZ. The Explorers will play against Trojans on February 8 at Western Park.

M.I.B. first lost in an awful 18-34 outing against T-REX, but they bounce back well in the next against Challengers and took a 36-33 victory. New member Wai Keung Lee, scored 6 and 23 in the two games, led the team in scoring, rebound and block shots. After playing with seven players in the season debut, M.I.B. has only six in the next game. Tim Cheung and Adrian Chou played in the first and Jefferson Tong played in the second. Samson Tong, Gilbert Fu, Andy Li, Lee and Chi Fu Yuen all attended both games.