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PHO Edged SAM, Remains Unbeaten

2009.02.23 16:59

Ming Yan back to earth, Harris was quiet, Photons still unbeaten.

It does not matter when your team played a slugguish game, when your opponent is the same.

Photons might have their worst game so far this season but on Sunday, they faced SAMURAI, who played not that good either, and took a 28-26 victory and escaped a comeback down the stretch.

In what might expected a match-up between two top teams, neither did showed any sign the team to beat, at least in this evening. Photons were 2 for 12 in the first period, when SAMURAI shot 2 on 7.

After a slow first period, it was not much quicker. Despite a much improved shooting as SAMURAI shot 4 on 7 from the field, and the six committed turnovers did not allow them to get away. A 10-4 run, however, did helped SAMURAI to lead 14-11 at the break.

Jackie Lai scored from deep to start the second half’s scoring. But this basket not only was his lone one for the game, but also the only goal for SAMURAI in the third period. Jackie was fouled when Tl Li was called for an U-foul, but he missed both.

Photons scored nine points and brought a 20-17 lead into the 4th period.

After Chi Chiu Au made a free throw, Cherry Tsui, who missed all six attempts before, made a three-point shot that extended the cushion to 23-18.

Capitalized in a game against the under-size Dream Team, Ming Yan Tsui has a much tougher match-up against Eric Ngai, who was on the champion team last season. And Mark Yeh did gave another advantage to SAMURAI against Photons, who was without centre Simon Lau.

Although Eric could not finish a three-point play, he and Mark gave SAMURAI six points that helped to pull within 24-27.

Kelvin Ng drive to the basket, lays the ball in and was fouled, but missed the potential tying free throw when it looked like there will be a second overtime game on the same night.

Photons grabbed the last rebound, throw it to front court to Jason Tong, who was only fouled by Kelvin Ng and the call was a U-one. He split the pair of free throws for the game’s final score.

Ming Yan, who had 19 and 15 in previous game, scored 10 and six rebounds. Harris Wong, their leading scoring, has no field goals but managed two points at the line. He had six steals in two straight games.

SAMURAI has 21 turnovers, compared to Photons’ 8. SAMURAI had a 28-18 advantage on the board and shot better (34%) than Photons did (20%). But there was a huge difference at the line. While SAMURAI was 2 on 7, Photons made 12 on 22 attempts.

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