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Size Does Matter

2009.02.23 15:59

Size Does Matter

Raymond Pak dominate the game with his size.

Ka Wai Fu (So) started for the first time this season, and returned to game shape. But it was Raymond Pak and Roger Mahmud’s size matter the most when they play against the under-sized defending champion. Raymond Pak had 15 boards and 14 points, Ka Wai Fu added 13 and 6 in the 38-34 victory.

Roger Mahmud added 11 boards and 9 points in his debut, and got the most crucial steal in the final seconds that sealed the win.

After two games coming off the bench, Ka Wai Fu capped a 6-2 spurt to start the game. Dream Team stayed close. pull within 7-8 with a three by Seung Lung Chin (Leo) and two free throws from Chun Hong Tsoi.

Raymond Pak was just too big to overcame, and he scored the final four points in the first period as GRIZZ took a 12-7 lead into the second period.

Man Chun Chow scored 6 straight points for the defending champion and Leo finished a 8-2 run with a pair of free throws that helped Dream Team for a 15-14 lead. So did not want to let them come back, scored the next five points to re-gain a 19-17 advantage and scored another two points to put GRIZZ to 23-19 at the break.

Chun Hong Tsoi started the second half strong with four straight team points and Man Chun Chow added two to tie the game again at 25-all. But they still cannot overcome the size-disadvantage. Raymond Pak was fouled and hit both free throws to end the score at 29-25 for GRIZZ entering the final period.

After a trey by Roger, Raymond scored another basket and made two free throws to finished a 7-2 run, extended the lead to 10 mid-way through the final period.

Chun Hong Tsoi made two free throws to pull within 36-30 with about one minure more left in the game. When the win is looking like to be sealed, Man Chun Chow was fouled on a fastbreak after GRIZZ missed a basket.

Man Chun Chow made the first but missed the next. The team grabbed the offensive board and he hit from deep with less than 30 seconds left, when the lead was reduced to two for GRIZZ.

With the final seconds running out, Raymond missed a basket and Dream Team grabbed a final rebound. They push the ball to Man Chun Chow, who drove to the basket before Roger stole the ball from behind with no call. The ball then went from Roger to Raymond, who was still on the other end of the court, just to finish the game at 38-34.

Raymond’s 15 boards tied the league record. But Yu Yin Hon broke this on the same night with 17 in the third game the same evening.

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