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DSF Unbeaten Despite 21 From SLM

2009.03.16 11:17

They already knew DSF and CHU will rank 1 and 5 before the game ends

Lok Ming Sin, one of the youngest players in the league, is growing and playing better and better. But his personal best 21 points on Sunday came only from a blow-out loss to D.S.F., the division leader who improved to 4-0 after this 46:30 victory.

Planned to give more playing time to reserves, Chi Ho Yu, Lok Ming Sin and Dennis Chang were all sitting at the bench at tip off, and the cost is big as the starting five of Chung Sing were not only held scoreless, but they allowed 10 points in just the first period.

Unable to find a way to score, Chung Sing missed all seven attempts in the first period. The “B-team” could not defend either, and the 10-0 run proved to be a tough one to overcome.

After Yu split a pair of free throw, the first single point for Chung Sin, Michael Chan and Mathew Wong each scored to extend the lead to 14-1. Sin hit one free throw later to pull within 10 again but Michael’s two helped DSF to top the 20-point mark at half, when Chung Sing managed only nine points.

A 4-0 spurt gave DSF extend the lead to 17, Sin had eight of his 16 second-half points in the third period but only keep them with 13-point difference. Two free throws to begin the final period from Dennis Chang cut the lead to 11 again but Chung Sing never get closer the rest of the game.

Michael Chan scored 16 points and grabbed 13 rebounds, where 7 of them were offensive. Benson Kwong is one point shy of a double-double, scoring 9 points and 10 boards. Mike Tse and Mathew Wong added nine and ten points each.

Ming Yan Chow slightly injured his ankle in the starting period. He hopped to the bench and was substituted but was able to return to the court in second half.

In the third period, when DSF complained Chung Sing centre Chi Ho Yu keep fouling them, and expected a higher number when they check with referees for his number of fouls, the answer from table officials was firmly “one”.