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HFC Won Second Game In Lopsided Win

2009.04.06 13:14

With only five players, the Explorers still scored 33.

H.F.C. was not challenged by the improved G.T. Explorers when the later had only five players dressed for the game — and all naturally guards. The 55-33 victory gave H.F.C. (2-) a second victory in the season and they will make playoffs by winning the next game against SAMURAI.

Ending with four players was not a first time for Explorers, however, starting with five may be. And with less than half the number of players than the opponent, the game was expected to be a blow-out since H.F.C. simply lead 19-3 in the first ten minutes of the game.

Explorers again had only another 3 points in the second period, when Andy So and Jenry Kung added 5 and 4 points each.

A 30-6 first half lead provided plenty of practice time for H.F.C. And every player took the floor. While Explorers was forced to play the same five players, they take the little bit advantage to score for the team against the second unit of the opponent. Besides Eddie Sze, who was scoreless in the game, each player scored in the third period including a three-pointer by Roy and they finished with 11 points in that span, despite allowing 16 at the same time.

Roy had six straight GTE points and Kevin Li helped to top the 30-point mark by scoring the teams’ final five points.

Ivan Choi, who went for tip-off, had two points and six boards but missed all four attempts at foul line. Eddie Sze played at centre for the game. He finished with with three steals and rebounds apiece.

All H.F.C. players scored in the game and each made at least one field goal.

Roy Kwok is the only player did not played all 40 available minutes, as he was fouled out with about two minutes left in the game. He scored the game’s first two points for a 2-0 lead, finished with 12 points and 8 boards, both personal best. Kevin Li sscored a team high 13 points on 6-10 shooting.

Tabo Chak committed eight turnovers and scored four points, 6 rebounds and five assists. Andy So shot 6-for7 from the field and scored a game-high 16 points. Alan Tam started for only the second since the team joined the league. He left the court briefly in first period for a sprained knee but was able to return.

G.T. Explorers lost 9-44 to H.F.C. on November 5 in 2006, when H.F.C. played only seven players. Explorers had 11 in that game.

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