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March Round-up: O4 in SBL

2009.04.08 00:24

M.I.B. improved to 3-1 after beating Wild Beasts and SOUTHORN Tigers and was 2-0 in March. They will play D.S.F. and Chung Sing in April and May. Should they win both the next games they will rank as number two in FLIGHT Division when playoffs begins.

Au Chiu scored only two points and was fouled out in a 20-25 loss to G.T. Explorers and SAMURAI a thrid straight game after giving up a 7-point 4th period lead and defeated by Trojans 32-30. Falling to 1-3 with H.F.C. and Dream Team on the schedule gave the team much of a concern of the playoff berth.

G.T. Explorers had five players dressed and scored 33 points against H.F.C. despite a blow-out loss in 55-33. But the team won earlier in the month when they beat SAMURAI 25-22 and this victory kept their playoff race alive as they will take an advantage if they end up with same points to SAMURAI.

SOUTHORN Tigers lost to M.I.B. for the first time after being routed 45-32 when they have played only seven players. Wilson Chow returned in this match-up but was rusty with two points and five fouls. After scoring 12 points in this game, Benny Wong scored only three against Wild Beasts in next game but Tigers beat the opponent 34-28 to confirm a playoff seat and at least a 4th place in standings.