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CHU routed 5 men in black

2009.05.18 21:37

Lok Ming Sin leads Chung Sing for a first playoffs appearance.

Look like a habit sometimes, M.I.B. played with limited number of players and might win. But five men in black this time is really not enough to win a game against the young Chung Sing.

Behind 13 points from Lok Ming Sin, Chung Sing routed M.I.B. 54-28 and won two games so far this season after a winless debut last year.

Lok Ming Sin and Dennis Chang combined for 12 of the teams’ first 14 points and the younger ones allowed only five points from the five players in black jersey.

Andy Li abd Samson Tong each made a three-point shot in the second period, but the nine points scored could only tie with the opponent in the period. Chung Sing lead 23-14 at half.

Tim Cheung was the only player to score for M.I.B. in the third period. Chi Fu Yuen and Andy combined to miss eleven attempts. With 4-for-4 at the line and 4-for-10 from the floor, Chung Sing extended the lead to 19 points entering the final period.

As tiredness continue to attack the undermanned M.I.B., Chung Sing only put the game further. Elvin Tam hit a three-point shot, Ming Yan Chow added four points for a 22-point distance, which was stretched to 26 throughout the rest of the game.

Despite limited playing time in a blow-out, Lok Ming Sin scored a team-high 13 points with four assists and steals apiece and one rebound. His 13.3 points per game leads all player in league and was closely chased from D.S.F. forward Michael Chan’s 13 per contest.

Averaging just over 33 points a game entering Sunday, the 54 point effort was easily the team’s record for Chung Sing. While allowing more than 37 points this season, it was only the first time in five games Chung Sing could hold an opponent under thirty and the second time since joining the league.

Dennis Chang scored 12 points with four boards dished twice. Elvin Tam and Kai Chi Wong added nine and eight points respectively.

Chi Fu Yuen scored 8 of his team-high 14 points in the final period. M.I.B. ended their three-game winning streak by losing two games in a row. They will face G.T. Explorers in the first round playoffs on May 31.

Gilbert Fu tied a team-high eight boards and easily a all-time personal best.

Early in the first period, Andy Li had an own goal while trying to grab a defensive rebound. Two points were awarded to the opponent team’s captain (Dennis Chang).