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HFC Win Three Straight

2009.05.21 21:20

Simply heated and physical for the GRIZZ and H.F.C.

H.F.C. won three games in a row to bring a 4-2 record entering playoffs. The 39-30 victory over GRIZZ, however, did not affect the overall standings since Dream Team won on the same day for a four-way tie.

Alfred Lin has the team’s onl field goal in the first period for H.F.C. while they allowed the division leading GRIZZ to score seven points. Marco Tse score the team’s only other point at the line and H.F.C. was down by four.

Roger Mahmud extended the lead to 9-3 with two points to begin the second period. Andy So made two free throws and cut it to 8-9 mid-way through the second period.

Ben Yu’s trey not only put the team for a first lead but also sparked a 13-2 run for a seven-point cushion entering the half. Tabo Chak scored seven of his game-high 13 points in that ten-minute span.

Ben scored another pair of baskets and Tabo added a free throw to maintain a 7-point lead. Leo Chow and Ka Wai Fu were the only GRIZZ to score. GRIZZ shot an awful 2-12 from the field and was only 1-for-six from the charity strip in the third period.

Andy So hit from deep for a twlve point lead to begin the period but Ah So and Tony Chow each scored four points in an 8-0 spurt to cut it at 26-28 early.

A 9-2 run, however, re-gain a 9 point lead by H.F.C. and they took control with a couple of minutes left.

Tony Chow scored the GRIZZ’s final two points befor foul out and the team just reached the 30-point mark. The four-game winning streak was snapped. It was the only other game GRIZZ couldn’t score over 30 points. They defeat Explorers 30-21 earlier in the season and averaged nearly 38 points a game entering Sunday.

It was a heated game at a stuffy site. Heated words not only to players but also to referees.

Late in the 4th period, GRIZZ’s bench were shouting into the court and needed a conversation with the referee before the game was resumed. Just about the throw-in should be made, Ronald Kwan, who kept speaking up at the bench, was tossed a technical foul.

While leading the league with 4.8 assists, Tabo is also turning the ball just less than six times a game.