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1-2-4-Point Shootout 2009

2009.05.28 18:20

Will Michael repeat to win? Who will he team with?

The 1-2-4-Point Shootout this season will be held on June 21 at Shek Tong Tsui Sports Centre after the Semi-Finals. This time, we add teamwork as an element, as teams need to play in pairs.

Date: 2009 June 21, Sunday

Site: Shek Tong Tsui Sports Centre

Time: After Semi-Finals

Prize: To Be Annouced

Application Deadline: 2009 June 19, Friday

(“Walk-ins” from any S.B.L. team are allowed on the day, before the first shooter begin the game, when there are less than 28 pairs applied before the deadline.)

Shooting Floor Plan


  • Each pair of players is given one ball and has sixty (60) seconds to shoot the ball at any position within the half-court.
  • The pair, a shooter and a passer, starts at the centre circle.
  • The first shooter can decide where to shoot before the passer, who has to stay in the circle, pass him the ball.
  • Each player shoots ALTERNATELY to score.
  • Players can dribble or move with the ball.
  • Each basket made in GREEN area (see above) is worth one (1) point.
  • Each basket made in BLUE area is worth two (2) points.
  • Each basket made in RED area is worth four (4) points.
  • No points for any basket made by the same player after an attempt. No matter he misses or makes the basket, the shooter become a passer and the passer become a shooter.
  • No points for any basket made in the two-point area (exclude in the BLUE and GREEN).
  • Baskets made with the shooter’s foot stepped on the boundary lines will be “down-graded”. For instance, stepping on the three-point line will turn a basket from four (4) points to two (2) points. Stepping on the free-throw line will turn a basket from two (2) points to one (1). Baksets made while stepping on the boundary line of the green area worth zero (0) point.
  • Each shooter or passer needs to get the rebound of the misses without the help of a third person.
  • The two pairs with the highest scores play a final round to determine championship.

Teams formation:

  • Each Team can assign as many as two (2) pairs, i.e. four (4) players to take part before the deadline.
  • The pair can include one player from another team. e.g. T-REX can have two pairs featured three players among themselves where one of them team up with, say, another player from Trojans. Trojans and T-REX have decide if that “mixed pair” belongs to which team.

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