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SBL 2009 Round Two

2009.06.02 14:06

The defending champion advance to second round.

Six teams done. Eight teams left. Here comes the second round, which will be held at Shek Tong Tsui Sports Centre on June 7.

Game 1 @ 17:15 – T-REX vs Dream Team

Dream Team routed Chung Sing in a 35-point victory to get to the second round and will try to defend the championship against T-REX, who has only lost once this year, to the unbeaten D.S.F.

Game 2 @ 18:30 – D.S.F. vs H.F.C.

H.F.C. edged Challengers in an one-point thriller and avoided to lose in first round in two straight years. But the bigger challenge comes here from D.S.F., which is yet to be defeated in 2009.

Game 3 @ 21:00 – Photons vs M.I.B.

With a much improved roster, M.I.B. looks to challenge contender Photons and give them a three-game losing streak.

Game 4 @ 22:00 – GRIZZ vs Trojans

Trojans was the only lower seeded team to advance to second round and will face GRIZZ, the number one in FORCE Division, to conclude the second round playoffs.


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