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HFC survived a one-point game

2009.06.04 17:34

Either H.F.C. were slugguish, or Challengers were unexpectedly well, the teams played a close game in what many might think to be one-sided. H.F.C. escaped from Challengers in a one-point, 36-35 win, but the real challenge will be on next Sunday when they meet D.S.F., the only team yet to be defeated this season.

Marco Tse drive to the basketball and was fouled but the H.F.C. guard split the pair for a 36-35 lead with ten seconds left in the game. Bryant Chan grabbed a pass before he travelled, Challengers lost the possesion and the game as H.F.C. run the clock out after the timeout.

A free throw by Tabo Chak put H.F.C. ahead with a 34-29 advantage when time is running short for Challengers. Ken Sy added four points and Stephen Tsang’s layup under the rim got Challengers up at 35-34 with less than one and a half minute to play.

Joe Heung was fouled twice and start the game with three free throws. The 3-0 lead was the biggest by Challengers in the game. However, Colin Wong finished a three-point play and and Andy So’s basket put the team back to lead for good, at least until the final minute.

Patrick Ip finished the first period by three points at the line as H.F.C. was only up by 8-7.

Andy So hit from beyond the arc and Tabo added four points for a 19-13 cushion and H.F.C. had an eight-point lead at halftime.

Even against a former champion team. the Challengers were no panic. Continued to attack the basket, Challengers erased the deficit slowly. They also took advantage when both Tabo and Patrick spent most of the period on bench with four fouls each.

Challengers made seven of ten attempts from the floor and had two free throws from Yu Yin Hon. They were down by two only when the buzzer sound at the end of the period. Challengers shot 46.7 % from the field (14-30).

Ben Yu scored all his 10 points in the third period, including two baskets from deep.

Tabo and Patrick fouled out in the middle of final period. Tabo had six points and Patrick had three, each of them grabbed six boards but combined to miss seven free throws in the evening.

All final period points by H.F.C. were at the line.

Challengers topped the 35-point mark two times this season and lost both. They were 2-2 when they score 32 or below.

Nikko Kwok, preparing for his study, did not attend the game.