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The 4th 3-on-3 Coming soon

2009.06.09 14:02

H.F.C. was the half-court king last year.

While the S.B.L. 2009 is going to its end soon, the 4th Southorn Basketball 3 on 3 is coming also soon.

1. Date, Time and Site

The half-court game this year will have hired referees like in the 2nd time. The games will be played at Shek Tong Tsui Sports Centre on August 30 (Sunday), from 16:00 to 20:00.

2. Teams

A total of twelve (12) teams will take part in the tournament. Four teams will be seeded according to the S.B.L. 2009 final results, i.e. Dream Team, M.I.B., H.F.C. and Trojans will be seeded if they take part, and assigned to be Team A to D randomly. If not all the first four teams is going to play, the next team in the order (see below) will be assigned as a seeded team.

The current order of the other ten teams is D.S.F. (6-0) > T-REX (5-1) > GRIZZ (4-2) > Photons (4-2) > SOUTHORN Tigers (3-3) > Challengers (2-4) > Chung Sing (2-4) > G.T. Explorers (1-5) > SAMURAI (1-5) > Wild Beasts (0-6).

The other eight potential teams will be decided by lottery if all other ten current S.B.L. teams want to take part.

3. Format and Application

The event is a double-elimination tournament. In short, one team will be out only when they lose twice. The teams having lost twice will play in game(s) to decided an overall standing (at least three games will be played by each team, in other words).

Click here to view a reference bracket

All S.B.L. teams can apply from June 16 to July 15 and within this period, the application fee is $540. The fee is $600 for any teams apply after this “early bird” period. The application deadline is July 31. Lottery will be held on August 2.

More details and a dedicated website will be coming soon. Feel free to discuss, question or comment.