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Michael, Jerry lift Trojans past GRIZZ

2009.06.16 14:15

Michael’s hot hands lifted Trojans past GRIZZ.

Michael Lau shot 7-on-10 from the floor for 15 points and Jerry added nine as Trojans beat GRIZZ 42-30 on Sunday to advance to the Semi-Final.

Michael’s hot hands come just right at game start — the six-feet figure hit a three-point shot to begin the game. The division leading GRIZZ was on way to get beaten by just that, and four field goals from three different players helped to take a 9-7 lead at the end of the first period.

After Mike Yau tied the gme at 13-all, Michael hit another jumper and took a 15-14 lead into the halftime break. Jerry Lee, Mike Mak, Mike Yau and Michael each scored for Trojans in the second period for the team’s eight point.

Twelve turnovers in the second half might have cost GRIZZ the ticket to the Semi-Final.

Michael had company and was not the primary scorer for the team. Jerry, who made only one goal on six attempts in the first half, socred seven points on 3-5 shooting in the third period and extended the lead for Trojans to 28-22.

Ka Wai Fu scored two points to end the third period’s scoring as GRIZZ was down by five points at 24-29.

Michael, who could shot almost at any spot from the field in this evening, swished another jumper for a nine-point advantage early in the final period.

Highlighted by a reverse-layup from Ka Wai Fu, GRIZZ could cut it to 30-35 behind his six straight points for the team. And Trojans needed a time-out.

The last six points from Ah So was also the last points by GRIZZ this game, and this season.

Ka Wai Fu scored 13 points, six board and two dimes, but turned the ball over nine times. Raymond Pak added six points and seven rebounds. Ho Yin Chan added five points and the rest of the team had six.

Trojan’s victory concluded the second round with all lowered seeded team to win. Trojans and H.F.C. returned to Semi-Finals after being eliminated in the first game they played in playoffs 2008 respectively.